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For a fast-growing startup, it's critical to have great people. We want to help you grow with us and reach a new level personally and professionally. On this page, you can find further information on our processes and how we define "growth".

Goal setting

Goal setting is a critical part of growing. It allows us to focus and drastically increases the chances of actually achieving our targets. It also helps with communicating them to other teams. Often, there is someone who can help you with achieving them, so communication is key!​


We use the S. M. A. R. T. goals framework to ensure the quality of our work:


It's important to define a clear and specific goal. This enables your supervisor and others in the company to help you achieve it. 


It should be possible to measure the progress of your work. That way, we can tell we have achieved together and be proud of the outcome!


Although we encourage setting ambitious goals, they should still ultimately be achievable. Setting extremely high targets without ever achieving them can be demotivating and thus, defeating the purpose.


Your goals should be relevant to your personal development and your role within the company. If they aren't, chances are that you will not consider them a priority and not take them seriously enough.


Learning and growing are continuous processes. However, your goals should be time-bound to ensure that you are motivated to work on them and reach them within a reasonable time frame. 

Goals & salary

Your salary is based on the impact of the work that you do. For our junior employees, this also includes the potential impact of their future work once they're fully-trained. If you're doing great work day-in-day-out but don't achieve all of your ambitious goals, this will not negatively impact your salary. But always setting high goals and never achieving them might hinder your personal growth.

Join us & grow with us!

Growth Matrix

The Growth Matrix helps us to find out in which areas we would like to grow. It might not cover all relevant areas and skills, so let us know if you have anything to add.


This is a selection of areas in which you might want to develop new skills. Regardless of your position within the Product & Tech team,  we believe that whole team profits if you choose to learn and grow in new areas


 1. Software Engineering
 2. Prototyping
 3. Frontend Development
 4. Backend Development
 5. SQL Databases
 6. MongoDB
 7. DB Performance optimization
 8. Testing (e.g. UnitTesting)

Dev Ops

 1. AWS Services
 2. Continuous Integration
 3. Code packaging
 4. Performance tuning
 5. Networking (VPC, VPN, ...)
 6. Infrastructure as code

UI, UX & Design

 1. Design & Style language
 2. Interface design
 3. UX interaction design
 4. UX testing
 5. Click dummy development
 6. Vector graphic design


1. Understanding business KPIs 

2. Goal setting 

3. Process understanding 

4. Company Strategy 

5. Sales & Business Development 

6. Customer care

Agile Management

 1. Core concepts of Agile
 2. Retro facilitation
 3. Product Ownership
 5. Agile coaching


 1. People development
 2. Communication
 3. Motivation
 4. Servant leadership


It's important not only to decide in which area you want to grow but also to determine what level of knowledge you're looking to achieve! After you've chosen a field and a level, we can discuss a specific SMART goal for you to focus on.


Achieving this level means you understand the basics of the topic and the general way people who work in this area think. It means if you get a task, you can 'hack something together' with some effort.


You can confidently solve tasks in this area, without needing the help of others. You rarely have to look things up and you can help others who are interested in this field to learn more about it.


You know the ins and outs of the subject and can always be relied on for advice. You understand advanced concepts and can help experienced colleagues to improve even further.

Feedback & Advice

Another factor for growth is getting constructive feedback and advice from your colleagues. We have a structured feedback process every 6 months but you're encouraged to request feedback from your colleagues throughout the year!

Ievgen - Head of Engineering

Guiding the engineering team with experience as a Tech lead & CTO at multiple startups.

Nils - Chief Technology Officer

Connecting Product & Tech with our company strategy after having founded and sold multiple startups.

Fabian - Chief Information Officer

Providing insights and optimizing internal processes after being a management consultant at BCG.





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