Product & Tech

Product & Tech

Learn what motivates us to build a great product!

Why join?


As part of a fast-growing startup, your work will directly affect the product and you will soon see the impact you have on our company. If you have any new ideas which could make us work more efficiently, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Our core values are very important to us and you will soon understand how they can help you. By working together, we can remove any obstacles, improve productivity and increase our focus.


As a team, we share the responsibility of building a great product and a scalable platform. We believe in the potential of every person we hire. So if you’re up for growing and taking over responsibility, we are the right company for you!

Let us know your own ideas and feel free to challenge decisions. This ultimately makes us work more efficiently and brings us closer to our goal!


In a fast-growing company like ours, it’s important that our employees grow with us. That means learning new things and expanding our horizon, whether it be on familiar or unknown topics.

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Get to know your colleagues

Eike - Head of Product

Responsible for managing the company roadmap, coming up with lots of new ideas, and identifying their business impact.

Fazil - Backend Developer

Building micro-services to move to a scalable architecture - from payments to our API. Fazil makes sure that our code is readable and that we use the latest standards.

Aaron - Frontend Developer

After having switched into Software Development only recently, Aaron is now responsible for developing some of our most important features. Their aim is to improve our customer experience and retain our customers' loyalty.





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